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Starting and maintaining your own Registered Dietitian online nutrition coaching business can be tough, but our Recommendations Resources and Start Up / New Business Advice will help you with smooth sailing towards financial freedom! If you want to start your own online nutrition coaching business – you’re in the right place!

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I Want to Grow My RD Business

Do have an existing Registered Dietitian online nutrition coaching business, but you’re looking to find ways to improve, troubleshoot and grow? We have you covered here too! Check out our RD Business Development Category and RD Business Emergencies Category.

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What You Need to Know About Running a Successful Registered Dietitian (RD) Business

Tony Stephan, Registered Dietitian business entrepreneur

Being a business owner of a Registered Dietitian (RD) Practice can be overwhelming and confusing, so I created this website to help you with all things necessary to start, run and grow your RD practice. This site provides critical advice, proven recommendations, and even peer-to-peer resources. Whether you are just starting out – or a seasoned Registered Dietitian Business Owner who is looking to grow or even virtually expand – my advice and insight have helped thousands of RDs just like you. You see – I’ve been where you are. But that doesn’t mean I know it all! After all, everything changes.

As Registered Dietitians we not only have to stay on top of the latest research and data in health and nutrition – we also have to contend with changes in how businesses run and operate. To run a successful business, you must adapt changes in our industry and in best business practices.

That’s where I come in. It is my job to make sure to stay abreast of industry and business trends, the latest marketing strategies, the evolving way we treat our patients and clients, and even how we interface with employees. In fact, the purpose of this site is to make sure all Registered Dietitian Business Owners everywhere have the information they need to succeed.

So peruse the sections below and click into the ones that apply to you. But chance are, you will find helpful information to run your Registered Dietitian Business in each and every section.

Tony helping other RDs with their dietitian business

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How can we help your Registered Dietitian business succeed?

Registered Dietitian Online Nutrition Coaching

Registered Dietitian Online Nutrition Coaching

Are you ready to start your Registered Dietitian online nutrition coaching business, but you aren’t sure where to start? We have an abundance of free resources for Registered Dietitians who are looking to start their own online dietitian business.

Sales and Marketing for your dietitian business

RD Sales and Marketing

Are you an RD or future RD ready to start your own nutrition business, but not sure how to sell yourself and get your name out there? As RDs and future RDs, most of us were not taught about sales and marketing in college. So here you’ll find all things you need to know to get started in sales and marketing in your dietitian nutrition coaching business to help you get your business off the ground.

Starting an online dietitian business

Starting an Online Dietitian Business

Are you starting an online dietitian business, but you’re not sure which direction to go in with it? Starting your own Registered Dietitian online nutrition coaching business can be tough at first, but our resources will leave you smooth sailing in building your online nutrition coaching business.

Ongoing education for your dietitian business

Ongoing Education for Registered Dietitians

Our Master Certification class is going to teach you coaching MASTERY and how to coach any client or situation you face to achieve long-lasting success. These ongoing education programs ensure you will never have to wonder, doubt, or fear again that your nutrition coaching program is not setting your clients up for massive success.

Recommendations and resources for your dietitian business

Recommendations and Free RD Resources

Are you looking for free resources for your online dietitian business? Well then look no further. We have free resources for you that are all geared towards RD entrepreneurs.

Trending nutrition topics and research

Trending Nutrition Topics, CEUs for RDs, and Research

Every Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach needs to stay up to date with trending topics and new research in the nutrition and dietitian industries! We keep you informed so your business can stay current with all the top nutrition news, CEUs and research studies.

RD business development

RD Business Development

Have you had a dietitian nutrition coaching business for a while, but you’re wondering how to further develop it? Maintaining your own online Registered Dietitian business can be tough at times, but our resources will leave you with smooth sailing in your online nutrition coaching business.

Mindset and personal development

Mindset & Personal Development

Are you looking for some more mindset and personal development resources as a RD entrepreneur? We have free mindset and personal development resources for you that are all geared towards RD entrepreneurs.

Registered Dietitian business emergencies

RD Business Emergencies

Do you have an established dietitian nutrition coaching business, but you’re looking for ways to improve your business and troubleshoot business problems? Or maybe you’re new to having your own nutrition coaching business and you’re looking to prevent future RD business emergencies.

Tony Stephan

Tony Stephan, RD and Dietitian Business Owner

Hey, I’m Tony Stephan, and I help Registered Dietitians like you connect their formal education into the real world application of owning and operating a successful online nutrition coaching and dietitian business.

The Client Attraction Blueprint

Reach the people who need you most with value and authority, and close the sale.

The Client Attraction Blueprint

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