RD business emergencies and solutions

RD Business Emergencies

Do you have an established dietitian nutrition coaching business, but you’re looking for ways to improve your business and troubleshoot business problems?

I have been in the unique position to help thousands of RDs with their businesses, I feel comfortable saying, “I have seen and heard it all!” That’s why this section exists.

As Registered Dietitians, our emergencies range from business management problems to professional consulting issues and serious health concerns for our clients. So in other words, we not only have to worry about the emergencies of the health of our business, we also have to worry about the health of our clients. Articles in this section help you manage, control, and solve a wide range of emergencies relative to your business.

  • Collections and Non Payment Issues
  • How to Manage with Difficult Clients
  • How to Manage with Difficult Employees
  • How to Fire Clients
  • How to Fire Employees
  • Responding to Negative Reviews Online
  • Biggest scams in the RD Industry
  • How to deal with toxic clients
  • How to terminate a client relationship
  • Collecting funds from delinquent clients
  • How to avoid bankruptcy for your RD practice
  • How do you handle an RD leaving your practice

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