Sales and marketing techniques for your dietitian business

Sales and Marketing

Are you an RD or future RD ready to start your own nutrition business, but not sure how to sell yourself and get your name out there? Our Sales and Marketing techniques can help!

You went to school and studied hard to become Registered Dietitian – NOT a Sales and Marketing Executive. So even though you are an excellent RD and have outstanding coaching skills, connecting with your clients in ways only some can dream – you have NO idea how to market or sell your services.

After all, hanging a shingle and putting up a website are great starts, but it doesn’t make the phone ring.

In addition to being a dedicated and effective Registered Dietitian, you will also need to know how to sell, market, and promote your services online. Our articles and resources here will help provide the business skills you need, in combination with the coaching skills for success.

Profit and Loss:

  • How to price yourself and get what you’re worth as an RD.
  • How much do RDs make? How much should you charge?
  • How to handle any objections you may face when you’re selling your nutrition coaching services.
  • How about payments: Cash vs. Insurance

Sales and Marketing:

  • How to close clients with confidence and ease.
  • How to utilize social media such as Instagram and Facebook to attract floods of customers and leads into your program.
  • How to get Doctor referrals for your Online or in person dietitian business
  • Marketing 101
  • Marketing with No Money
  • Forming Strategic Partnerships
  • Social Media Set Up and Action Items
  • Websites Pros and Cons
  • Should You Post Pricing
  • Should you ask for Reviews? How do you get reviews? Best places for clients to leave reviews?

RD Practices Struggling or Looking to Grow:

  • Have you noticed a downturn in business? How to save your Dietitian Practice.
  • Newest Trends in Online Dietitian Businesses
  • Online vs. Brick and Mortar – What’s best for Registered Dietitian Businesses
  • Pros and Cons of Registered Dietitian Businesses
  • You’ve Been a Registered Dietitian for Years – Why Get Certified Now?
  • How To Grow Your RD Business Without Growing Pains
  • 1099 vs. W2 – What Should You Do When Hiring Staff?
  • What Are the Brand Implications to Adding RDs to Your Practice and How to Protect Your Brand
  • What is a Non Compete and Do I Need One When I Hire an RD to my Practice?
  • Which Social Platforms are Best and Why?

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