Starting an online dietitian business

Starting an Online Dietitian Business

Are you starting an online dietitian business, but you’re not sure which direction to go in with it?

Working for someone and drawing a paycheck is a good way to provide RD services to people in need, but if your calling is to be your own boss and start your own online Dietitian Business or Nutrition Coaching Business, this section is for you. For those who are totally NEW to owning a business, a word of caution and a word of encouragement. Be prepared for a lot of hard work – but also be prepared to love your job more than you have ever loved it before. 

But where to start? The articles in this section will help answer some basic start up questions:

    • Do I really need an LLC and how do I get one?
    • Where do I apply for an EIN for my new business?
    • Is it necessary to get business insurance?
    • How do I accept payments (Square vs Stripe vs PayPal, etc.)
    • Do I need a Business Plan and if so, how do I write one?
    • What is a General Ledger and how do I create one?
    • Do I need a CRM System or what can I use that is simple to start out?
    • How do I pay myself?
    • Marketing 101
    • Marketing with No Money
    • Forming Strategic Partnerships
    • Social Media Set Up and Action Items
    • Websites Pros and Cons
    • Should You Post Your Pricing?
    • What should I charge?
    • HIPAA Concerns and Pitfalls
    • Do online nutrition coaches and registered dietitians have to register their business?
    • Where can I get basic new client intake paperwork?
    • What tracking tools should my clients and I be using?
    • Do I need an Online Dietitian Nutrition Business Coach?
    • How do I continue ongoing education and registered dietitian certification that fits into my busy schedule?
    • What are the most basic marketing tools I need to get started (print or business card collateral, social media accounts, website, email, newsletter, videos and content, etc…)?

    As you can see – these are very basic start up questions. For more advanced information, see the other sections on this site to help your business gain traction, scale and grow.

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